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Ferman W. Perry severed in World War II as a combat engineer. After the war, Mr. Perry went to the University of Virginia and earned a degree in Civil Engineering. Returning home to Winchester Virginia after graduating from UVA, a unique opportunity came available to Mr. Perry. A gentleman who had retired to Florida had a backhoe, dump truck and septic tank form sitting on a lot outside Winchester. On reaching out to the gentleman in Florida, he agreed to sell the equipment to Mr. Perry. So in 1950, with his wife, Kathryn Perry Werner, they formed Winchester Building Supply. At first Mr. Perry was pouring septic tanks and doing installs. In 1951, Mr. Perry formed Perry Engineering, which started doing site work and yes, septic tank installs. Winchester Building Supply focused on pouring septic tanks and as they expanded, started doing burial vaults and other miscellaneous products. By 1970, Winchester Building Supply was producing sanitary and storm products, along with septic tanks and burial vaults.

Just a side note, there are still many active working septic tanks installed by Mr. Perry in this area still today. We just recently came across one installed in 1968. That shows you his dedication to quality.

Ferman W. Perry, passed away in June 1987 and was a great loss for Winchester Building Supply. After his death Kathryn Perry Werner carried on leading WBS. In time, the torch was past to Mr. Perry’s son William M. Perry (Mike), who is now leading the company. The next generation is already involved at WBS in the engineering department, Ferman W. Perry II (Wil). Wil is following in his grandfather’s footsteps and studying to be an engineer. Then one day stepping into the role of leading WBS.

Mike Perry brought on Stephen and Patrick Rodgers in June of 2014 to help expand the company’s offerings. They are father / son team with a combined 70 + years of successful above and below ground precast concrete industry experience. They are a well-known family in the industry. The apple never fall to far from the tree here at Winchester Building Supply. We are all about family!

We know a lot has changed in 65 Years. World War II had only been over for 5 years when Winchester Building Supply was started. WBS started out making precast concrete septic tanks. Now the company makes a wide variety of precast concrete products and offers a wide array of services. Only two things keep you in business for that long: Quality Products and Service. Those two things will never change here at WBS. That core comes from Ferman W. Perry being a World War II combat engineer and that military spirit of the great generation to get things done right the first time!